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Poetry Reading

“Just as my heart skips a beat” by Joseph Lombardo Jr.




Real people – a magical idea of sorts,  tying ones ballet shoes , covering your scars in white tights , the floor beckons for you , much like the bay , or bench , everything clamoring for their princess , do you hear them ?

Breathlessly they are awaiting you to dance , even the radiator wishes to make you smile , & so you stretch , such grace personified , like at a pew , the window bows to you , the sunlight competing with the steam from the radiator to comfort you , not just of legs , states the splendor reflected in all .

Such a silhouette for selling & loveliness beyond my simple words , dressed in a tutu , you warmup with a fluidity most have no knowledge , & )

( with legs, that steal the show from others , )( even with those who have little interest – impossible to ignore , )( your movement , step by step , deliberate & mesmerizing , you leap

~ just as my heart skips a beat,

in slow motion much like my thoughts , the horizon smiles , a room gloats , a floor giggles , as the walls whisper with one another as you twirl , pirouette , stand , be , & so does the world behind you

~ so happy to see you smile , as you dance , on pointe , on the bricks at the water , alone you may seem to be ~ I find myself clapping from a different time , a different place , & yet with ( witnessing , your ) dance everything , has become of the here & now

– consequently I can’t help but smile with you .

Words by Joseph S. Lombardo Jr. copyright 2018